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Ep26 Cole A. Hatter on Having It All

Want to generate massive wealth? Have control over your time? Be free to support your family, and better the world? Well, we’ve saved the best for last on our Season 2 Finale! Get ready for an absolute wealth of knowledge from Cole Hatter on the exact formulas he and the super wealthy use daily to live life on their terms.

Ep25 How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse with Anastasia Baranova

For our 25th Episode, we’re keeping it fun, with professional zombie whacker, Anastasia Baranova – who plays Addy Carver on the hit Syfy show Z Nation. We had an absolute blast discussing survival strategies, end-of-world predictions, and what would you do differently in your life if the apocalypse set in tomorrow…

Ep24 Joel Brown on Building an Unstoppable Network

The power of community! There is nothing quite like the leverage you get from building a massive following. Learn from Addicted2Success founder Joel Brown, how he created one of the biggest motivational platforms in the world, and how you too can create infinite reach, whenever you want.


Evan Karadimov is leagues ahead of his competitors. He is a breeze to work with, listens to his clients, and uses his keen intuition to help them with creative solutions that always leave them saying “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  If you are looking for the ultimate Leader in marketing to support your vision and brand, look no further.

Gia Heller, CEO of The National Business Experts

Evan Karadimov is truly a business professional extraordinaire! As a gifted visionary he transforms an idea and masterfully weaves it into an effective online story. His impressive publishing and film projects with such business icons like Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor and Les Brown gives him the edge that enables him to help his clients reach their full potential. Working with Evan has been an honor and pleasure and I highly recommend him as an asset to any professional or company.

Don Boyer, Creator of the Hit Movie “Predictable Wealth”

Evan is beyond just a brand strategist. He is a compassionate, mindful visionary who is able to see the big picture of your business. He sees and implements the strategies it takes to bring you revenue, and, more importantly, supports you in fulfilling your BIG dream.

Deborah Deras, Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host



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