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Evan Karadimov is an Award-Winning Brand Strategist, Author, and Speaker. He is the Host of Influence Radio, and author of the book The Art of Business (ft. Bob Proctor & Brian Tracy).

Evan was the Founding Director of The Los Angeles Business Experts, is a Member of CEO Space International, and has a Degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, possessing over 15 years experience expanding businesses via online tools.

He has a deep passion for technology, creativity, human potentiality, and traveling the world, helping entrepreneurs free themselves to live purposeful lifestyles.

  • Branding & Identity 90%
  • Digital Marketing 95%
  • Personal Coaching 95%
  • Public Speaking / Workshop Facilitation 90%
  • Leadership 95%


I was born in Odessa, Ukraine, and didn’t move to the United States until 1989, right before the fall of the Soviet Union. As far back as I can remember, I always felt unique and meant to achieve big things. My Mom and Dad always stressed taking advantage of the opportunities presented to me, and it was something I never forgot about.

From a young age, I was passionate about art and creativity, constantly doodling and allowing my imagination to run wild. Meanwhile, my family and I constantly moved around the country, perpetually looking for opportunities to find our sense of home, and prosperity. When it came time to choose my college, I innately wanted to pursue the arts. Considering what was most lucrative at the time, my family encouraged me to pursue a stable career in technology.

Much of my 20’s was spent figuring out my path, doing unfulfilling work, and relocating myself from the East Coast to the West Coast, in an effort to escape that which no longer served me. I later came to realize, I would never find what I was looking for, unless I was willing to face that it was myself I was unhappy with.

In late 2009, I was introduced to a human potential workshop that would forever change my life. Through it, I was able to clear my past, tap into my innate power, and become the superhero I was always meant to be. I never turned back. I was now a sponge for personal development, constantly searching for new mentors and opportunities for growth.

I am proud to say, I am in the most amazing relationship of my life now, and feel on top of the world. I own multiple successful businesses, create my own schedule, am financially free, and am constantly travelling the world, helping people like myself create significant impact on themselves and our world. I feel there is no greater cause.

I’m excited to have you along for the ride with us.

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