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Actor, Entrepreneur, Tech Aficionado, and Transformational Leader. Ben Whitehair is actively in film and television, holds key positions in the Los Angeles Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA), and Co-Founded the LA Actors Tweetup. He is a mentor and humanitarian, Co-Founding Tuition Specialists, a company that’s saved college students over $30 million in tuition debt to date.

Ben is passionately committed to leaving the world better than he found it, and this is his story…

On this episode, we dig into:

🔸 How to Get Super Powers

🔸 Why You Don’t Have to Struggle to Be Successful

🔸 The Role Technology Will Play in Our Human Development

🔸 The Importance of Massive Action

🔸 …and How to Enjoy the Journey Along the Way


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3:35 | Ben’s Recent Brush With Death

4:45 | What Allows Ben to Continuously Create Success in His Life

7:45 | How to Overcome Your Own Mental Adversity

“It’s so imperative to enjoy the journey.”

13:10 | What Gives Ben His Super Powers

15:45 | How to “Figure it Out”, and the Importance of Massive Action

19:05 | Ben’s Morning Ritual “Brain Dump” Activity

25:22 | Why It’s Crucial to Celebrate the Small Wins

29:05 | The Role Technology Will Play in Our Human Development

“We are all human beings, and we’re tribal – we crave connection and love.”

37:55 | On the Necessary Evolution of Our Education System

44:35 | Ben’s Advice for Anyone Getting Started on Their Path

46:55 | How to Build Your Team

“The struggle is optional.”

49:55 | Why You Don’t Have to Struggle to Be Successful

52:40 | The Importance of Family, and Winning in All Areas of Your Life

56:05 | How to Live a Life of No Regrets

60:20 | Ben and I Geek Out About All the Opportunities Available to Us Today

“You have access to technology, people, and resources
in a day and age that is unprecedented!”

62:22 | What Ben Wants to Be Remembered For

63:03 | Ben’s Final Thought for You


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The Artists Way
Jason Silva, Shots of Awe


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