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Donnie Knips is a Business Development Strategist based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has spent over 8 years working for fortune 500 companies, on high-level projects, in multiple capacities – Management Consulting, Business Development, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Project Management. Before becoming a business owner, Donnie spent 5 years with the Proctor & Gamble company. He graduated the University of California with honors, and for the last 10 years has performed, competed, and taught professional Salsa / Latin Ballroom dancing.

He is deeply faithful, determined, and has enormous amounts of wisdom around what it takes to succeed in business today.

So, jump right in with us, as Donnie and I uncover…

🔸 The Blueprint to Being a Successful Business Owner

🔸 Why Business Owners Fail Without the Proper Mindset

🔸 How to Figure Out Your Calling, and Hyper-Grow Your Company

🔸 …and Why It’s Always About The People


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1:50 | What Had Donnie Leave Corporate America to Become an Entrepreneur

4:25 | How a Radio Show with Les Brown Changed Donnie’s Life

9:20 | Why Businesses Fail Without the Proper Mindset

13:55 | The Present State of Business, and Where it is Headed

“You’ve got to play online today, and know the digital marketing space.”

18:32 | How to Balance Running a Company and Having a Personal Life

23:25 | How the Roles for Men and Women are Changing, and How it Impacts Business

30:45 | What to Do When You’re Considering Giving Up

“I think it’s hard to find your calling, or what the right answer is,
in today’s classroom of noise.”

34:40 | The Blueprint for Success Today, and How to Hyper-grow Your Company

41:50 | Donnie’s Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, and The Right Time to Take “The Leap”

47:35 | How to Find Mentors

52:45 | The Role Faith Plays in Being a Successful Visionary

“The way you see the world dictates how you operate and how you deal with people.
And how you deal with people is going to determine your level of success.”

57:38 | Donnie’s Final Thoughts on Business Success, Personal Reflection, and Love


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