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Movement Maker, Total Wellness Philosopher, Social Media Vixen, Founder of I’m On A Mission, and Co-Founder of We Are Team I Am. Jenna Phillips overcame head trauma and brain damage 15 years ago, which she used in igniting her personal mission to create global impact on the world. She is an ex-writer for the Daily Love, is a personal coach, workshop facilitator, and hosts international retreats.

Jenna is beyond committed to people’s health and happiness, and is bringing all of her abundant energy to us today…

On this episode, we reveal:

🔸 How to Create a Movement

🔸 How to Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

🔸 Redefining Relationships and Marriage

🔸 The Purpose of Life…

🔸 and How to Love Yourself Unconditionally


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3:35 | The Story of I*AM, and Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

“We have the power to shift our life based on the language that we use.”

7:20 | Jenna’s Incredible Head Trauma Experience

12:56 | How Jenna Sustains Her Big Energy Daily

16:10 | The Key to Creating a Large Following

“Life is meant to be a game.”

19:40 | Jenna’s One Wish

21:30 | On the Topic of Self-Love, and Body Issues in America

28:50 | Jenna’s Self-Love Exercise, and Advice for Anyone Feeling Self-Conscious

“It is a global responsibility for us to love ourselves and break through our insecurities,
such that we may be an invitation for others to do the same.”

35:35 | How to Create Successful Relationships

39:10 | The Importance of Balance in Relationships

41:30 | On the Topic of Redefining Marriage

“Work on the relationship from the very beginning,
rather than waiting till it needs to be fixed.”

46:22 | How to Keep Yourself Grounded and Balanced While Creating Big Things

48:45 | What Jenna Wants to Be Remembered For

52:05 | Jenna’s Final Thought for You


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