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Mentor, YouTube Ninja, and Digital Storyteller, JuVan Langford is the Founder of Mentors Making Major Moves, and Executive Producer of the original video series, Thought Life. Affectionately known as The Millennial Mentor, JuVan is passionate about instilling his wisdom into inner city youth, and is currently gearing up for his biggest project to date, The MENtour: an educational program set to impact over 10,000 male teens across the country.

As a former YouTube employee, JuVan has become masterful at creating digital stories, and capitalizing on the big boom of video in recent years. Now operating his own Los Angeles-based digital agency, JuVan has been able to help countless small businesses monetize their message via YouTube.

And today he reveals his secrets to you, as we go deep on…

🔸 The Importance of Having Mentors

🔸 How to Master the Game of YouTube Videos

🔸 What Does it Mean to Be a Man Today?

🔸 …and The Only Question You Ever Need to Ask Yourself


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3:34 | How JuVan Langford Came to Be

5:32 | The Importance of Having Mentors

8:02 | What Does it Mean to Be a Man Today

“Manhood can look different ways. It’s dependent on who you want to be in this world.
And knowing that THAT is man enough.”

11:05 | How Intimate Relationships Have Evolved

17:00 | JuVan’s Incredible Story About Mentoring Others

20:15 | Why it’s So Important to Practice Gratitude in Your Life

23:18 | How JuVan Started Working for YouTube, and Why Video is King

27:24 | How to Become a Digital Story-Teller With YouTube Videos

“Those circumstances no longer control me.
Now, I can travel the world, and do whatever I desire.”

42:22 | The Power of Our Thoughts, and JuVan’s 3 Favorite Affirmations

43:35 | The Only Question You Ever Need to Ask Yourself

46:30 | The Law of Specificity

“Being authentic is entering a space knowing you will be disrespected,
however your accomplishments will always be greater.”



Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki
Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell


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Do you think YouTube is the place to be, or is it just a fad? Still unsure of where to find a mentor? Leave JuVan and Evan your questions and comments below!