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Mark Shapiro is the Host of The One & Only Podcast, a show that celebrates Authenticity, and explores ways to be true to ourselves while navigating through life’s external influences and pressures. A former marketing director at SHOWTIME Networks, Mark left corporate America on a mission to inspire and empower 100,000 people to be true to themselves and “live an epic life they’re proud of.”

He is also a heralded transformational trainer/coach, and the founder of Make Your Mark Today, a community that celebrates authenticity in all it’s many forms – via collaboration, acknowledgement, and support, amongst purposeful leaders and world changers.

And the question of WHY Mark made the leap was burning up within me! So, jump right in with us on Episode 9 as we discuss…

🔸 How to Know When Your Current Situation is No Longer Serving You

🔸 How to Get Out When You’re Stuck in a Rut

🔸 How to Become The Most Authentic Version of Yourself

🔸 …and Much More


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2:14 | What Compelled Mark to Leave SHOWTIME

5:20 | Why Podcasting?

“There’s 7 billion people in this world, and only 1 of each of us.
So it’s really important that we’re true to ourselves.”

9:35 | The 2 Steps to Finding Authenticity Within Yourself

“Authenticity is when the words match the music.”

16:50 | How Uncomfortable Conversations are the Key to Success

19:45 | The Role Music Plays in Our Lives

20:45 | The One Thing That’s Created Mark’s Success

26:10 | How to Get Out When You’re Stuck in a Rut

“Just being able to share that moment with someone,
it pulls all that pressure I put on myself out of the picture.”

29:12 | How to Create Joy Whenever You Want

32:35 | Mark’s Final Nuggets for Aspiring Visionaries

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Ever struggled figuring out what is authentic for you? Been unsure of what path is the right one? What helped you get out of it?! Share your thoughts and stories of inspiration below!