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Mel Cutler is a Serial Entrepreneur Known for Starting 6 Companies, Two of Which Hit 7 Figures. Having started at a young age, Mel leveraged mentors and powerful mindset techniques in quickly rising to the top of the business world. Now running multiple thriving companies, married, with a house on the beach, Mel gives back by training business owners and entrepreneurs with the essential tools necessary in building purposeful lifestyles around their passion.

Mel is the founder of Success Academy, the wildly popular Entrepreneur Revolution weekend events, and author of the book The Big Boom! “How to Ignite Your Life, Blow Up Your Barriers and Get Explosive Results in the Entrepreneur Revolution”.

And we were very fortunate to have him come on for our Season Finale, as he has INCREDIBLE amounts of business knowledge to share!

On this episode, you’ll get an earful of…

? How to Create a 7 Figure Business

? How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

? How to Build Your Team and Replicate Yourself

? …and SO. MUCH. MORE!!!


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Episode Timeline

6:55 | What Put Mel on His Death Bed, and How it Changed His Life Forever

“The Doctor looks me dead in the eye and says, Mel,
if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting.”

10:35 | The Two Questions Mel Asked That Changed Everything!

15:05 | What Led Mel to Create Two 7 Figure Businesses, and Retire at 25

“What matters now in successful entrepreneurship and business is
how fast you Can Change, Adapt, Un-Learn, and then Re-Learn.”

19:55 | The Absolute Critical Step in Taking Your Company to the Next Level

24:35 | Mel’s #1 Suggestion for Anyone Starting a Business

33:40 | The Difference Between Branding and Marketing, and How to Succeed in Both

“It’s never about your product or service.
It’s what your product or service delivers.”

37:05 | The POWER of STORY

41:40 | The #1 Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

50:20 | How to Grow Your Game-Winning Team

60:50 | How to Build Relationships, Community, and Become Invaluable to the Marketplace



The BIG BOOM! Book
Entrepreneur Revolution
Blake Mycoskie, TOMS Shoes
The E-Myth, by Michael Gerber


Are you clear on your business vision and brand? What’s worked for you in marketing your product? Other questions or comments for me and Mel? Let’s start a dialogue, and help one another THRIVE!