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Quddus Philippe is an Accomplished Media Personality, Celebrity Interviewer and Host. He broke into the spotlight on MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL), where he interviewed some of the world’s biggest stars, including Will Smith, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Denzel Washington. Quddus later went on to host the singing competition show Duets, was a regular correspondent for Access Hollywood, The Insider, and has worked some of the biggest events in the world, including the inaugural Global Citizen Festival, and film premieres like Avatar.
Quddus’ passion for new-media has led him to work with the likes of Myspace, AOL, Yahoo, YouTube, and networks like NBC, ABC, and CBS, leading The Associated Press to call him “the coolest guy on television.” And just when you think he has no room left, Quddus regularly practices yoga, meditation, and lends his free time to humanitarian efforts like – an organization dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries.

Quddus and I cover A LOT on this episode, including…

🔸 What it Was Like Growing Up a TV Celebrity

🔸 The Beauty of Giving Back

🔸 How to Create the Life of Your Dreams

🔸 and More

But, before we get into any of it, turns out our story begins in a different part of the world all together…
Don’t let me tell it though. Click play, and hear for yourself…

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3:50 | What it Was Like Growing Up in Another Country, and How Music Found it’s Way Into Quddus’ Life

6:15 | The Path That Lead Quddus to TRL

“There were all these dots connecting that led to me walking through the doors at MTV,
not knowing the gravity of what I was getting into.”

9:30 | What it Was Like Working at MTV at the Height of It’s Popularity

13:15 | What is Was Like Growing Up a Pop Culture Icon

17:50 | The Key to Quddus’ Success

“My will to make a difference has been bigger than any obstacle.”

24:40 | The Value of Failing

33:45 | The Important of Collaboration and Community

37:15 | What is Meditation, Why It’s Awesome, and How to Do It

“We’re often in reaction to our sensation – our sensation triggers our thought, which then leads to the action. But, what if we could reorient our relationship with the sensation?”

51:00 | What Has Been Inspiring Quddus the Most

56:08 | How to Create the Life of Your Dreams

60:10 | Q’s Final Thought


Super Rich, by Russell Simmons
Chopra 21 Day Meditation Challenge


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Where were you in your life during the days of TRL? Have you had experience meditating, or need help getting started? Ask me and Quddus whatever comes up for you from this episode. We look forward to responding.