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Rachael Markarian is an Accomplished Dancer and Actress. Having trained professionally for over 13 years in the arts, Rachael’s education has taken her from her Massachusetts hometown to the streets of New York, to the media capital of the world, Los Angeles. Since, she’s worked with artists like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Pink, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake. She’s also starred in films like Rush Hour 3, HBO’s Candelabra, and television shows like Glee, True Blood, and CSI.

This small town girl has a story tell, and this is where she tells it…

On this episode, we discuss:

🔸 What it Was Like Performing at the SUPER BOWL (Twice!)

🔸 How to Create Clarity and Plan Your Big Goals

🔸 How to Make it as an Artist/Creative

🔸 …and How to Overcome Adversity Along the Way


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4:55 | The Moment Rachael Knew She Was an Artist

8:30 | How to Persevere in the Face of Adversity

“I had no idea what it entailed. But I knew I’d approach it fearlessly,
and there was no way I could fail.”

15:58 | How Rachael Was Able to Perform with Katy Perry at the SUPER BOWL

17:10 | The Importance of Celebrating the Small Wins Along the Way

22:10 | What it’s Like Performing in Front of 70,000 People

“I feel like I’m giving them the experience I had as a kid.
It’s about them, and inspiring them.”

24:10 | How to Get Clarity Around Your Purpose

31:45 | What Allows Rachael to Travel and Create Continuous Opportunities

38:02 | The Importance of Flexibility, and Not Being Overly Committed to Your Goals

42:02 | Why You Must Balance Your Creativity With Structure to Succeed

43:36 | Rachael’s Activity to Help You Plan Your Goals

“Your life is responding to you. If it’s not feeding you what you want,
then there’s something within you to take a look at.”

48:10 | Rachael’s Final Thought for Aspiring Artists and Creatives


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