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Shereen Thor is the Founder of Awaken The Rebel, a movement dedicated to helping people stop settling for less, and choose a career that truly honors their highest calling. She started out by working in a cubicle, and then pursuing stand up comedy, before stepping into her true purpose in life. Shereen now hosts live events and coaches countless visionaries into designing purposeful lifestyles for themselves and their loved ones.
Shereen has unbridled energy, is full of business wisdom, and has an incredible sense of humor. And we were fortunate enough to sit her down before, this very weekend, she puts on another one of her incredible Awaken The Rebel LIVE events in Los Angeles!
So join us on this action-packed, fun, and dare I say… EXPLICIT episode, as we discuss…

🔸 What to Do When You Want “More” in Your Life

🔸 How to Get Clear On Your Brand and Find Your Tribe

🔸 How to Balance Having a Personal Life with Running a Business

🔸 What is Emotional Intelligence? And Why It’s So Critical to Growth.


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“What became clear was that I was making choices based on what was expected of me,
rather than what was true for me.”

4:15 | The Moment Shereen’s Life Changed Forever

9:42 | On the Topic of Emotional Intelligence

14:40 | How to Know if You’re a Rebel, and How to Apply Your Talents in a Practical Way

22:00 | How to Get Clear On Your Brand and Discover Your Tribe

“That’s what I want to be giving back to people – that sense of confidence,
and clarity in what they stand for.”

26:40 | Why It’s Okay to Be Awkward Along the Way

31:12 | How Shereen Finds Mentors and Mastermind Groups

36:15 | What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and How to Apply It

45:12 | How Shereen Balances Marriage, Having a Child, and Running Her Own Business

“It’s important to let yourself be wherever you are [in your life].
And adjust when necessary.”

51:55 | What to Do if You’re Feeling Like Something is Missing in Your Life

54:46 | Shereen’s Final Thought


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